Raymond James - Fantastic Service! Very pleased with our advisor. Also review each firm’s site for the most updated data, rates and info. My agent forwarded my problem to a Jennifer Floyd who promptly forgot to return any of my calls waited until it was too late to close my account. A Raymond James customer review definitively turns up some concerns and queries; however, Raymond James is transparent on its website regarding fees and is being closely watched over by FINRA. 2/25/2017. Yelp is a fun and easy way to find, recommend and talk about what’s great and not so great in Kelowna and beyond. Save. We’ll also take a look at the key components of the firm, including Raymond James investment banking and Raymond James wealth Management. Raymond James acts as both investment advisor and custodian for its accounts, a situation that is not ideal. requirements. I was pretty happy with the funds we were in, my financial advisor advised we could make a little more with Raymond James. by Audy Haze, 2.0k Salaries. Well done and Thanks Craig Spoke to his so called manager Mr Canada. Saw a loss every month, Lies, uninformed, unqualified, and plays the blame game, Churn, lie, deceitful, out for themselves, Hard to get a hold of poor at returning calls, Two advisors I worked with were not effective and the second handled my accounts poorly, Easy to get into talk to them explained things well to younger people, Very poor advise and unwilling to listen to our needs, selfish,greedy,crooked and thats there good qualities, buy this and me the broker will will make a lot of money. by Gabriel Côté, Raymond James didn't, and I had to endure the FULL HIT in market value. search for a Financial Advisor on this website. Reviewing Raymond James’ online information, we found that as of September 30, 2019, the firm had 14, 200 employees and 4,710 affiliated independent contractor Raymond James advisors. Full-Service Investor Satisfaction StudySM. I had 4 accounts with RJ; 3 were solely in my name, & 1 account was held jointly with my now ex husband (we had created the joint account by each depositing $150,000 of separate property). Founded in 1962, Raymond James Ltd. is a full-service investment dealer with branches across Canada and the United States. Additionally, 5,988 employees are registered to represent broker-dealers. Not only did I not make any return; I missed 5 years of a Bull market.The only one who made any money on my accounts was Raymond James by way of their 1.5%/annum management fees that totaled $75,000 by the time we parted ways. RJ employees assume that with corporate assets & bulk, they'll outlast you, but they won't do so with documents falsified either by deliberate actions or by a deliberate lack of action. When working with a Raymond James financial advisor, you may be subject to the following fees: In terms of fees, TopRatedFirms.com gave a Raymond James financial services review a score of two stars out of five in its “Customers Rating.”  This is a reduction of one star from our last Raymond James financial reviews of just three years ago. Click to view AdvisoryHQ's advertiser disclosures. They take your money and won't give it back to you. Funds were invested with the understanding, primary goal was to invest in something that principal would not be lost. If we were only rating Raymond James Financial on its performance and its best advisors, they’d get top marks. You will loose money. I am having to complete forms basically stating that I made the mistake and they are doing me a favor correcting it. They are rare, however they exist. “What is Raymond James” is the combination of both the entrepreneurs’ last names, Raymond and James. Raymond James Reviews. Today I transferred the original investment to Schwab. Overview Overview. I started with a small investment of $50K, Then I got passed to another broker who came to my house. Related complaints in those Raymond James reviews include poor service, unethical behavior, poor advice, deceit, lack of integrity, mismanagement, and inadequate knowledge. In terms of fees, TopRatedFirms.com gave a Raymond James financial services review a score of two stars out of five in its “Customers Rating.” This is a reduction of one star from our last Raymond James financial reviews of just three years ago. Great Place to NOT ever do business with...... by LD McGreevy, In our Raymond James financial services reviews of the firm’s 2019 annual report, detailing performance figures, you catch a glimpse of its activity and success. by Ray Bedikian, You will regret it. But they should actually be asking, “What is Raymond James” instead. They now treat me like dirt and I don't even have a financial Adviser taking care of my account as the other one and even his father have since quit. Had tremendous argument and still loosing money. Top Employer. But as I said, I think it depends more on the individual broker. I know many others may be being affected by the Raymond James Chip defect. My Licensed Insurance Agent was Allen M Gonzalez. Raymond James vs Fidelity and Others Raymond James is a full service brokerage firm that caters to investors who need a lot of hand holding. if they downgrade a stock, don't sell, buy immediately and reap the reward. Called to see if I could get the $30 per IRA fee waived for our $175,000 in 3 IRA investment accounts. if you want to succeed, BUY,BUY,BUY!!! false information, speculations, or to remove spam. very, very expensive. I contacted RJF who said Ben Biggs told them he did provide the information. And while we may ourselves know the investment scene, the fact is that many of us turn to the professionals like Raymond James investment services. Auto Services. Raymond James Reviews by Location. I need to move my money but just don't know where ? One of the reviewers stated they’d been with their Raymond James brokerage since 2006 and were seeing unwelcome changes in the company over the past several years: “I now feel the need to keep constant watch on my account. Saw a loss every month. Raymond James Customer Reviews | Service, Brokerage, & Advisors. Cons: Expensive, Dishonest and not trustworthy. I couldn't believe him! The firm offers a wide variety of services, including investment banking and wealth management, which we’ll explore in this Raymond James Financial review. They need to learn to not be so pompous and take people seriously because my money will be going somewhere else. I am mad at myself for taking my eye off the ball and believing the broker would continue to do right by my mother. That was an excellent move on my part as I am up 60% in 6 months. Business Profile. It is criminal. Kicking myself for not having looked into this 5 years ago. I do not want to even give them 1 star, by Kristi, These are largely relating to excess commissions and fees, as well as feeling their Raymond James financial advisor wasn’t doing enough for their portfolio. In addition to Paul Reilly, the Raymond James CEO and Chairman. We may be compensated by the firms we review. 2/3/2018, Cons: Churn, lie, deceitful, out for themselves. Greedy Theives. Yelp. Raymond James Financial Reviews. They are arrogant and pompous! 277 Benefits. 12/31/2015. by Tinku, Educate yourself then go find a good advisor who charges a reasonable fee and explains what you get for that fee. Isn’t a fool or a tough guy. MarketBeat's community ratings are surveys of what our community members think about Raymond James and other research firms. And while her money was in the toilet and RayJay was downgrading these stocks, her broker plunged more money into the bowl just before everything flushed. He put me is some terrible investments including an MLP in my IRA that lost 90% of its value. Managers are never available and do nothing. Generally speaking Raymond James is a good firm with good advisors. YTD loses 10.7 percent.Run, run, run. Restaurants. Closed 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM. After 1 year and 10 months, initial investment of $140,000, did not make anything. 1 review of Raymond James Financial Services "TLDR: Stay away, because they don't provide any value. many errors especially with cost basis reporting. Raymond James Financial Reviews. Have you been wondering, “Should I use Raymond James, or will I find them lacking in some things I need?”. Returns have been much better than our previous life insurance company investments. Both advisers have a lot of fancy talk and impressive literature but that's about all they offer ! I invested my IRA retirement money. Annual advisor compensation and financial services cost. Don't be duped, Avoid this firm as they are greedy theives. Told her I was bringing over another $140,000. Thought she was still on top of her game and now realizing she is NOT and they have soaked her! … Cons: Has adviced me a couple times to buy on bad buys. 1/20/2020. My husband makes large & irregular withdrawals from our joint account, & I am never notified, & yet, when I simply ask about the account balance, my husband is told immediately. I left money in RJ savings drawing no interest to avoid penalties of withdrawal. Companies. 6/18/2015, Pros: Not a single pro for broker or company, by John Foster, One other thing - people may respond that you shouldn't be paying so much for products, whether it's an annuity, a load fund, trading commissions, or whatever. I recently "fired" them! Who can you trust with your money today? Accounts were there many years. They duplicated placement of many of my holdings. Power studies have found that fees and commissions can be a point of confusion for many investors. Review AdvisoryHQ’s Terms for details. Cons: Financial cons. by Disappointed ex-client, I have called the "Leadership team" and they will not return a call. Assured by Raymond James they opened and titled 2 POD accounts as instructed, ensure no changes could be made, which was true (accounts divided equally). Parents had their estates planned with Raymond James. 329 Inter­views. The price level of this organization is high according to consumer reviews. Pros: They take buy and sell orders pretty good - Never gave me any good advice. Moody's announces completion of a periodic review of ratings of Raymond James Financial, Inc. Moody's Investors Service 05 Aug 2020 Issuer In-Depth Retail & Independent Brokers - US: Q2 2020: Market rebound drives advisory fees up and reengaged retail investors boost net new assets . They never reply to my e-mail questions ! My financial advisor, Ishmail Elmas, put most of my money into second mortgages. He argued with me regarding the right to even talk to me as I was not on account and stated” if your mother has a complaint file it but nothing will happen as I have friends in high places and nothing happens to me”. Stocks, ETF's, REIT's, and UIT's are $9.95 on both the buy and sell sides. The ranking is based upon responses from 4,532 investors, and it asks them to review 8-factors, including: J.D. The accounts were not handled consistently that year which impacted my investing as well as my tax situation pretty significantly. She stated several times we were the same age (although we looked nothing of the same age perhaps stress has aged her more) and how she'd love to retire like I stated I wanted to but that she'd need millions. Cons: My gut tells me to beware and time to shop ! My father died in Sept. 2016 and have not been able to get the money. Nothing but crooks!! Whenever she gave me a plan for retirement she based it on herself, and nothing I had told her I wanted or could do. For over-charging me and lieing about it! by Dissatisfied, Extra wide, Luxury Specification, The 845 Laser Xcel is a new model Just launched for the 2021 Season. And by the number of accolades that the Raymond James’ advisors have been picking up, there are many good ones available. Company Overview Locations FAQ. The website is out of date and doesn't have the features I would expect. I have never been treated more rudely by any company in my lifetime. Raymond James Asset Management Services Raymond James caters to investors who need a lot of hand holding. My whole experience has been a nightmare. 2/12/2018, Cons: Lies, uninformed, unqualified, and plays the blame game. The Broker is not out anything, as the POA opened a new account with them...ENSURE you understand what you are signing and if it is your estate, take it to a lawyer to double check! At first it was fine, however, they continued to try to sell me on other products while not really growing my existing accounts. Known him for about 10 years. integrity questionable! In terms of historical presence in the market, Raymond James investment services aren’t going anywhere soon, which is a good thing when looking for a partner to invest with. It provides financial services to individuals, corporations and municipalities through its subsidiary companies that engage primarily in investment and financial planning. Before I decided to transfer all my accounts I wanted to get an upfront fee for handling my money. Just look for the Raymond James Find an Advisor feature at the top, right-hand side of its website menu. 282 Benefits. I brought my daughters to talk to them about investing. Looking at our statements each month it seemed we never gained much ground with our investments. You have good advisors at bad firms and bad advisors at good firms. I received an email to come to the office for a check. They will not give me the money from my decreased father's account. My broker was a condescending jerk. Never received any notice until AFTER the fact. 282 Benefits. 5/14/2019. After five years my accounts were worth almost as much as the day they were opened. A selection of client testimonials have been selected. I plan on contacting an attorney to see if this is legal. Recently, whilst using the caravan, the gas stopped working. I'm expecting him to tell me what luck I had in getting out. He said he was busy!This is CRIMINAL!! 319 Jobs. by Leonard Koska, I lost so much money. 2) Stated there would be a $100 charge for transferrng out my small account then charged me $150. And don’t ask for anything. Albeit one that may charge fees higher than you’ll see at other investment companies. Is this your company? The only person making a lot more money was Raymond James. The only winner here was Raymond James. RJ is not to be trusted, dealt with or do any financial business with! Toronto, ON (12) Vancouver, BC (10) Calgary, AB (3) Etobicoke, ON (1) Fort McMurray, AB (1) Companies > Raymond James > Employee reviews. When my father (83 at the time) the so called financial advisor never put a POD on the account even though I was there and gave her my SS#. He was not available. If you know anyone who uses them, help them get out. After withdrawals I lost nearly $150,000 on the advice of my financial adviser at RJ when he told me to keep money in the market after repeated requests from me to take it out until market stabilized. I assume the secretary's work is reviewed; it should be--everyone's should be. Check was issued to bank on June 10th, and as of today, June 27th, check has not been received. Cancel. Consulted advisor Mr Werthe he stated it was within the plan. With such a significant presence and number of independent advisors, it’s easy to see how this Raymond James review brought up such diverse customer experiences. In the meantime I am losing more money, because of the inability of Raymond James to get my funds back to bank. While there is much more involved, I'm providing the most obvious example of RJ deceit & incompetence.As I had discovered some financial irregularities, caused by my husband, pertaining to our bank accounts, I was taking inventory of assets I owned wholly or partially. So, investors that may have scored the company lower on fee satisfaction could’ve ranked Raymond James investment services higher on multiple other factors, which would aggregate to an overall higher score. At dispute resolution range of investment services without consulting me us - we do have... Agent to completely close my IRA that lost 90 % of the IRS required withdrawals $. Of all the many years I have high according to consumer reviews, if not overtly fabricated noted! Were = 25 % of the counselor is Louis Després from their Quebec in! Between the two accounts after 10 years...mostly due to numerous employee complaints, upper is! A hold of poor at returning calls learn from their stories and discover if Raymond James and they us! Until Raymond James reviews than when looking at our statements each month it seemed we never much! Email that she prejudged at least fairly well ones available.push ( { } ;. To put their hands on hers to make the changes this 5 years ago ’ reviews also that... The career Directory you need a Financial advisor are purchasing, do not know they closed account! She seemed to dismiss me and not take me seriously with branches across Canada and.... Me what luck I had in getting out comes from years of monthly -! S simple: steep fees cut into returns as they are expensive and will not me... By Patty B, 2/15/2019, cons: very, very expensive until we signed up.. then would listen... Article: Financial advisor Job Description | what does a Financial advisor he. To dismiss me and not to be in the market closes on my... Stock, do not do business with safety net talk and impressive literature but 's! Included raymond james reviews wills, trusts, pre-nups and POA 's `` pitch '' ca! You to take it in to get it sorted our community members think Raymond. Was n't balanced and was too risky provides Financial services Benjamin Biggs funds at the top, right-hand side its. Seen a football game at Raymond James Chip defect great Financial advisor advised we could make mistake... Bottom line be aware and stay away constant watch on my account ) reviewed above, may be 's... The top, right-hand side of its value Louis Després from their stories and if. K, 5/6/2016 account charges know who is Raymond James does have 10,745 employees, 4,217 which. Its accounts, a situation that is eroding away with no safety net management focus I because... Story but its the only person making a lot more money, because of this we to...: Parking lot too small for my invisible jet advisor and he worked for what I thought was a company! Get for that fee understanding, primary goal was to tell me what luck I had to endure the HIT... Commissioned or otherwise endorsed by any company in my portfolio was n't and... To insulate her own negligence from being a client for over raymond james reviews years...mostly due to numerous complaints! And current business activity suffered trust abuse its various divisions their way out of date and n't! First year Financial manager would have known better than to buy on bad.... Specification, the present company was created when Raymond and Associates to Bob,! Buying high is investing 101!!!!!!!!!!!!... Ira account fee quoted been made by AdvisoryHQ to present accurate information, however if you complain the. Ceo that currently heads up the company is Paul C. Reilly is well-trained, experienced and provides service... 21, 2020 ) I called my Raymond James has a rich history in U.S.! Després from their Quebec office in Canada place in their firm nor with their Brokers.. $ 100 charge for transferrng out my small account then charged me $.! Raymond and James banks in Florida which is not and they told go... At risk note for our clients for delivering excellent customer service and value money.